50% Increase in

“QUALIFIED” Applicants

With No Increase in Advertising Costs!

“I used to get one or two qualified leads for new students from a $300 ad in the Post. Now we get 10 or 12 a month with an ad in the Express for less than $150.  That’s a 90% improvement in cost per qualified lead ”


Industry:        Non-Profit – Education

Result:            Qualified prospective student response to acting school ads, increased by more than 50% with the application of the Marketing Equation ads based on the educational spectrum for school tuition buyers



The Situation:  The client operates the only accredited acting school in the entire mid-Atlantic Region.  This non-profit has been struggling to meet student quotas for at least the last 5 years.  The school has a difficult task competing with lower cost options and the aura of the big New York acting schools, even though their performance in turning out professional actors is simply amazing.  The greatest measure of an acting schools capabilities, and the reason would be actors go to school, is their ability to find paying work once they graduate.  “The Conservatory” has a spectacular record of having over 90% of its graduating students getting paying jobs in less than 6 months after graduation.  


The Objective: The Company hired Exselleration and its MYM certified consultants to help them put together a marketing campaign and strategy that would change the perception of the prospective actors in the region fom one of I can’t afford to go to the school to one of I can’t afford not to. The school has a program and system of teaching that can’t be matched by any school within 300 miles and only a handful in the entire country.  The marketing needed to attract the attention of those serious about acting careers and “send away” those that were just looking for an afternoon’s outing.


The Solution:  After doing the appropriate amount of research on both the target market (people of all ages that wanted to have a career in acting) and the competition, Exselleration put together a strategy that would not only change the perception of the prospective students, but would compel them to take action and visit the school, attend the “Exclusive Preview Seminar” and enroll in “The Conservatory” rather than one of the other short un-accredited schools in the region.


When talking with both the students and the prospects they consistently said that they wanted an accredited program, with professional actors as instructors, but were afraid of the cost and the time commitment required. When we mentioned that the actors graduating from The Conservatory actually got paying acting jobs their interest level went up dramatically…especially since working as an actor was their real dream.



“I just wanted to say Thanks for the awesome program you have helped  us with…we would recommend you to anybody who needs help selling stuff”

We also worked with the school’s admissions department, the school director and the marketing staff to rework the receptionist script, the sales interview, the seminar presentation and the follow-up letters and telemarketing scripts. Additionally we helped them find the resources and funding to produce a 15 minute CD outlining the overall program with short interviews and testimonials from staff, instructors and of course, students.  The program was picked up and aired by the local cable TV station. The CD is now one of several marketing pieces in an arsenal that is more effective than anything they ever done before by almost 1,000%. Now that we knew what moved the prospective students we began working on the best medium and ad placements to get the best ROMI.


The Result:  Within a period of less than 2 semesters the average class size has doubled and the school, after being housed in the basement of an old church for the last 25 years, is looking for a new larger facility and has been approached by one of the local professional theaters to move in with them and take over the actors training program there, as well.  The school is a non-profit organization and the new marketing is beginning to attract the interest of previously un-responsive donors and patrons and the board of directors are getting involved for the first time in almost a decade.  The school’s director attributes each of these positive changes to the MYM marketing program developed and directed by Exselleration.



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