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Over the years (and more often recently) business owners lament that they spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars networking, advertising, making sales calls and still struggle to generate the kind of response and conversion to sales that they believe their business deserves.

When we've analyzed many of those businesses, what we've found is that they are a terrific companies, they have systems and processes that consistently deliver excellent results to their clients and customers, BUT the prospects, in their market,  the people and companies that actually buy what they sell don't know them, what they do or how good they really are.

If that sounds like you and your company, this is just what you need to find out why.  We've looked at literally thousands of companies over the last 25 or so years and what we've come to find out is that they literally STINK at marketing.  Everyone of them has been a small business and they've invariably been trying to market like COKE, NIKE, Proctor and Gamble or Budwiser.  Without a $250,000,000 budget it just can't be done.

Of course, you might be doing a poor job at delivering value, you might be talking to the wrong people, or have the wrong message, be selling something the people you're talking to don't need or want or some other problem all together.  This consulting session is designed to uncover the problem, no matter which of these (or a completely different problem) it is.

Now if you have all the qualified leads you need and they're converting to sales as fast as you need, then this session woould be a waste of your time.  However, if your like most small businesses uncovering even one critical flaw might be the difference between real success and years of average performance.

Why not spend the hour to find out something that could mean thousand's of extra dollars over the next few months.  Call or email now, it won't cost you anything and it only hurts for a little while.

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