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If you want your business to grow you'll either need to become expert at each of these... or hire someone who is. Each of them is part of an effective marketing program and your marketing is what will determine how successful your business will be.


Some recent studies have concluded:

"To become expert at any skill takes between 

10,000 and 15,000 hours of committed, focused practice. 


Exselleration as a Business Development Consulting firm is focused on teaching its clients how to explode the effectiveness of their sales and marketing efforts by utilizing the methodology and concepts embodied by the “Monopolize Your Marketplace” System (MYM).  

 Our wide range of capabilities, along with the varied perspectives of the principals, enable us to create powerful marketing strategies for businesses, from start-ups to mid-sized, marketing strategies that dramatically increase sales and profitability. 
 These marketing strategies, when implemented, will allow your business to reach the targeted market.  Your business will be speaking directly to the specific clients and prospects, the marketplace. Prospects that were previously uninterested, unavailable or unconverted will be transformed into more than customers - they will become RAVING FANS.
# 1 – Exselleration can help you out-work, out-produce, out-think and out-perform your competition 
Every company has two things and only two things, their    
“inside reality”
and their
“outside perception”.
Their inside reality is everything that a company does to bring value to the market place; their product, service delivery, dedication to quality, their personnel, their systems.  Their outside perception is how they are viewed by their prospects and clients, how they are perceived in the marketplace. The marketing makes this contact, carries this message, makes the case. 
 In 9 out 10 companies, that are unhappy with their growth rate, these two things fail to match.  This creates a “disconnect”.  This disconnect means that clients and prospects won’t know to call or come to the company to get, whatever it is, that they sell. 
  At Exselleration we “fix that”.  We work with our clients, and lead them to “out-work”, “out-produce”, “out-think” and “out-perform” their competition.    In today’s competitive climate most growing businesses, companies in transition, or companies introducing a new, innovative, disruptive technology, have a difficult time separating out the individual business functions.  Management, as well as staff, ends up being “dragged” into the administrative functions demanded by the situation.  When this happens the sales and marketing suffer, just when they are needed most. The day to day crush of operational demands begins to crowd out the very activities, that are critical to growth.                                                                                     
 #2 – Exselleration can provide the solution to your sales and marketing dilemma 
When a business, company division or operating group is in “start-up” the owners and key managers are forced to “DO IT ALL”. The passion, of the “owners”, of the business or the project, is necessary and critical to success.  
This is especially true in the selling of the new “thing“ or service, to the marketplace. This is true for existing customers, as well as, prospects. No one can sell like a passionate owner. However, over time, as the business grows, the demands of the operation and management of the day to day tend to “crowd out” the tasks that the owner finds least attractive. Marketing, especially, gets a lower priority.
Because of this the fact that most everyone sees marketing as a black art and no one is demanding that the sales and marketing be done, it drops lower and lower on the priority list. At some future point the need for top line growth grows and it becomes clear that sales isn’t as easy as it once was. I’m running the company, someone else needs to sell. The importance and need for marketing becomes more clear. In smaller business operations, and even in companies with capital resources, this realization can be a difficult one to accept.


#3 – Exselleration can provide a plan and assist in its execution
Once the need is realized and accepted, Exselleration clearly becomes the right choice. As an independent sales and marketing consulting firm focusing on design, and optimization of applied programs for developing these strategies, Exselleration can drill down to the level of detail needed, to provide the plan and then guide the execution of the plan, with the necessary independence and the varied perspectives on the problems. Both the plan and the execution are essential to achieving the established goals.
In addition Exselleration, LLC also has over two decades of experience in human resource management, development, search, hiring, training, and compliance with regulations encompassed by ADA, OSHA, EEO, Diversity, and harassment issues.


#4 – Exselleration offers an extensive cooperative network of valuable resources 
Exselleration, LLC,  a woman-owned business, with Mary Jo Shackelford as the President and CEO, has an extensive cooperative network of independent contractors and consultants that are available to augment programs, if needed. All areas of sales and marketing including, IT development, design, graphics, printing, web development, media selection, production, copy writing, editing, manpower outsourcing, and government contracting can be incorporated, in your company's project. The client’s business development plan, directed by Douglas Shackelford as the VP of Client Business Development, is to provide marketing and sales support services, in addition to the marketing strategy development.
The Exselleration Team has been the featured speakers and facilitators for; The Board of Trade Small Business Partnership Academy, Montgomery County Women’s Business Owners Chapter, Women In Business Expo and Business Fair, Chesapeake Bay Organizational Development Network, City Club Networking Receptions, Archbishop Carroll Business Champions, National Women’s Business Center Up and Running Program and other major programs throughout the Washington DC Metro Region.


#5 – Exselleration… a firm led by a principal with impeccable and impressive credentials 
Mary Jo Shackelford, is CEO and President of Exselleration, LLC, a sales, marketing and Human Resource consulting firm.  She has over 25 years experience in service oriented sales and marketing, with emphasis on Staffing and Outsourcing. 
Mary Jo has owned and operated her own business, assisted multiple new business owners open and become profitable, held profit and loss responsibility for a major staffing firm covering the Mid-Atlantic States from New York to the Carolina's. She served as professor of business at Milwaukee Stratton College from 1976 through 1987.
Mary Jo has been responsible for the development and servicing of major accounts including multi-million dollar outsourcing projects for major corporations such as; Hughes Network Systems, Fannie Mae, Citibank, Wells Fargo, Avon Products, MCI, ADP, SmithKline-Beecham, Pepco, George Washington University, Association of American Medical Colleges and American Association of Veterinary Colleges.  
#6 – Exselleration’s Client Business Development team is headed by a business professional with more than a quarter century of experience. 
Douglas Shackelford, is currently the: VP of Client Business Development for Exselleration, LLC,a sales, marketing and human resource consulting firm, in Washington, DC.
Douglas held positions in marketing and sales for a Fortune 500 Industrial sales and services firm for over 20 years where he earned multiple national awards for sales excellence in growth and profitability.  
Douglas’ career has included industrial construction and engineering in the primary and secondary metals, petroleum refining, chemical manufacturing, paper manufacturing and power generation.  He holds a BS with concentrations in chemistry and biology.  He began his sales career in 1977 with a small local contracting firm,moved on to territory sales with Combustion Engineering then a market development position with Nalco Chemical, earned multiple “Council of Professional”, “Grand Slam”, and Presidents Club” awards for sales performance.  Became the principal sales trainer for the mid-Atlantic region and was eventually promoted to a business development position on the “Conversion Sales Team”. In 2002 he left Nalco to become an officer with the start up of Exselleration, LLC.


When there is a need to outsource your firm’s most critical functions, it’s important to select the most experienced, effective team available.  
Take the time, select the RIGHT team – the Exselleration team.
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