Marketing Demystified


It's Hard Work and the Scientific Process

Applied To The Real World Of Building Your Business


Pretty bold statement don’t you think?

Doesn't sound like anything you've heard before, does it?

How many advertising firms and graphics designers have told you how important it is to get your "branding" in place or to use "lots of white space" in your ads. Maybe they've told you about making your website look like a lead-in to a Saturday morning cartoon show. 

Here's a secret they won't share with you...over 85% of regular web users hate flash. It is true that some people go on the internet for games and music and videos..entertainment. But, and here's the real question for you, are the people looking to buy what you sell interested in being entertained, on your site, or are they interested in finding exactly the right information on what problems your can solve for them or what job you can help them accomplish. If the answer to that isn't immediately obvious....STOP READING right now and get away form this website, because every concept, strategy, and tactic discussed, offered and demonstrated here is based on the absolute undeniable fact that all people make their buying decisions in exactly the same way.

Of course it's true that you, yourself, may be a tremendous marketer. You may already have all the high quality leads you could possibly use. You may have all the revenue and all the profits that you could ever want.  If that’s you, you certainly don’t need any help from me. However, if you’re like the vast majority of businesses out there, that's not the case and you probably should read on.

Competition is tough, margins are slim and profits are dwindling faster than corn chips at a Superbowl party. Here’s why….most people (and we mean more than 96% of business owners) don't get this simple marketing truth: Marketing's job is to facilitate (make it easier) the prospect's decision-making process.  Marketing has to help them make the best buying decision. Isn’t that what every buyer wants to do, make the best choice, get the most value.  The problem is most of us don’t know how to do that when we buying almost anything. We don’t know what constitutes the best value.  Because of that we end up buying the one with the lowest price.  Price is our default mode.  I know that in some cases the lowest price is the best choice.  But what if I was buying what you sell?  Would buying the lowest priced (put whatever you sell here) from your competitor be the best choice?  If your competitors lower price is the best choice then you’re selling something for more than it’s worth and I can’t help you.  You’ll just have to get better at what you do.

However, if your product or service is a better value than your competitors what is it they need to know, understand to make a better buying decision and buy from you?  What is it that you have to say to cause them to conclude:

"I would have to be an absolute fool to do business with anyone else……no matter what the price."

The  MYM’s entire focus is building the strategy and tactical plan for accomplishing this easily understood task.  The job of marketing is to build an airtight case, that when presented in the proper medium to your customers and prospects, proves that your company is the ONLY company to do business with.  It's not fluff, it's not flash; it's just the simple truth presented in the strongest, most direct way possible.

The Basic Idea

There is a thing we refer to as "The Educational Spectrum." The Spectrum is all the information and evidence a prospects needs to move themselves from being uninterested or not knowing that the product or service even exists all the way to the point where they are taking money out of their pocket to buy what you sell.

what that means, from a marketing perspective is that you as the business owner, can develop the perfect marketing message that guides the prospect through the entire educational process.  You can do that in a controlled step by step manner using the exact terms, copy, text, graphics and creative materials that brings the prospect to understand that you're option is the best and more importantly, why it is.

Once you understand your own Educational Spectrum you have the tools you need to meet the next major challenge to your marketing.............  

The average person, living in the USA,sees almost 8000 ads every day, notices about 80 and actually reads less than 15.

What are the chances that your ad is one of the 15? There are so many businesses, advertisements, messages, emails, and marketing pieces vying for your prospect's attention, that they have little time left to differentiate between any of them. 

Just think, if all a prospect sees are ads screaming at them about how this company is the best, that company is the greatest, some other company is the most incredible, another company has the biggest inventory, and they all have been in business since 1438 BC......  Do those claims sound familiar to you?  Does that sound like your marketing? Because if it does, everyone of your competitor's ads say exactly the same thing. What is the prospect thinking? I'll tell you what their thinking that all these companies are the  same and so all I have to do is pick the  one with the lowest price, That's the default,  the lowest price, when the prospect doesn't have the information they need to make an informed decision. 

This is why its time for you to change, this is why the MYM system was selected by Exselleration as the cornerstone of its marketing consulting program.

Drab, meaningless slogans and dull useless platitudes are lost in a sea of copy cat advertising.  What people need to hear, what they need to know is:

What makes your company special, what makes you different from your competition, why should the prospect come to you to buy whatever it is you sell, instead of your competitor? 

What is it "specifically" and in detail that makes you a better choice than your competition?

Exselleration uses the MYM System to build that case for you.  We develop that case and show you how to deliver that message through your marketing and advertising.  Your prospects must learn who you are and why your the best company to do business with. We do that using concise, well articulated, powerfully stated content aimed at educating the prospective customer.

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