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Which of These Funding Frustrations Do You Want To Overcome?








  • Finding Qualified Investors
  • Having To Offer Big Chunks of Equity To Attract Investment
  • Giving Up Control Of Your Company


        Capital Success Strategies

                                 “Changing the Way Capital Is Raised Across the Globe”


The Capital Coaching System


The Capital Coaching System is a personal mentoring program that guides entrepreneurs through a funding or capital acquisition process.  This process includes the preparation of project documents and multimedia presentations that are used by coaching clients to secure capital.  The system incorporates Capital Acquisition Strategies, which focus on a Revenue Sharing Or Royalty Approach and the use of the exclusive PrincipalProtection® strategy for providing principal guarantees to investors.


 The Revenue Sharing Royalty Strategy (RSRS)


The Revenue Sharing Royalty Strategy (RSRS) enables entrepreneurs to:

  • Get capital for their ventures without having a fixed obligation to pay it back.
  • Does not require entrepreneurs to give up any equity in their company. 
  • It enables entrepreneurs to add this capital to their company's balance sheet and provides a direct increase in the company's net worth without increasing its liabilities. 
  • It also enables entrepreneurs to delay payment to investors until they are generating revenues. 
  •  Unlike a traditional loan, entrepreneurs are not obligated to pay investors, which are technically lenders, until they have cash flow from sales. 
  • Additionally, unlike a traditional loan, which requires entrepreneurs to make payments whether business is good or bad, the RSRS is paid to investors as a percentage of revenues.  Consequently, the capital you receive from the RSRS does not show up on the company’s balance sheet as a liability. 
  •  RSRS does not require entrepreneurs to give up equity or a percentage of their company for the capital they receive.  Entrepreneurs are not forced to sell a piece of their business for a valuation determined by investors, which is usually low.  This provides entrepreneurs with more options and flexibility as their company grows and progresses through the various stages of development and funding.


Potential Investors Like The RSRS Because:


  • They get paid back directly from the company’s revenue stream and their payments are not restricted or encumbered by payments to creditors or monies that may be due company owners or officers.
  • They don't have to pay double taxation when getting their money back in the form of dividends.
  • The amount they receive can be significantly greater and their cash flow more timely than if they purchase stock in the entrepreneur’s company.
  • Their investment is liquid, and they can receive immediate cash flow without relying on the company to pay dividends, go public or sell or merge with another company.  Problems that are often encountered as a result of minority ownership that can occur as a result of changes in management or erratic board decision, which could influence an equity ownership, are eliminated.
  • The payout percentages are fixed and can't be changed without mutual consent.


What is the Principal Protection Strategy?


The Principal Protection Strategy is a financial capital protection strategy that provides an insurance guarantee and utilizes the formation of a collateral trust backed by an insurance company to guarantee a loan or principal investment of your investors.


The collateral instrument and the Principal Protection Strategy trust are provided as a condition of an investor making an investment or a lender granting a loan. The proceeds of the trust are distributed to the beneficiaries at maturity and are not subject to the bankruptcy or creditor claims of the lender or the company issuing shares.  (more)



Capital Coaching Program Procedure


The Capital Success Strategies program has helped hundreds of companies raise capital, in greater amounts and more quickly, than if they were going at it on their own.  It works for all stages of funding, but here are some general guidelines to initially determine if it would be a good fit for your business:

  • You’re seeking between $50k and $10 million in private investment.
  • You have the significant potential growth and return on investment
  • …And your net margins are -or projected to be- greater than 30%


How To Proceed


Step 1:  Schedule a Funding Strategy Session.  This can be done in person, or over the phone.  It gives you the opportunity to see if the Capital Success Strategies is a good fit for your business and funding goals.  We will discuss your funding needs, your business goals and your funding efforts to date – if any.    There’s no fee for this valuable education.  However we only schedule a limited number of Funding Strategy Sessions per week. 




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