Innovation & Marketing
The Only Two Things In Business That Actually Make Money......


Innovation is the only way to separate yourself, your company, in the mind of your clients, customers and prospects.  What is different, unique, better about what and how you do business than what every other company that claims to do what you do, does?

If you can't answer that immediately, you should begin to know why your business isn't growing, isn't as profitable as it should be.  Are you the best in your market? If you are this question is an easy one to address.  If you're not the best all the marketing in the world won't be anything but another expense with a miseable ROI.  Would you like to be the best? 

For now, let's suppose you are the could anyone looking for what you do, know you're the best?  How could they tell?  How could they see it? The easy answer, the right answer is, your marketing.  If your marketing doesn't clearly and logically tell your marketplace what's different, valuable, unique, better about how you do what your do, then it isn't working and no amount of pretty pictures, creative dressing, social media hype, will ever get your business to where you want it to be.

There are many important principles in business, of course, but these next three are the most critical ones to remember, if you want to grow revenues and profits:

1] The Purpose of a Business: "Create and Keep A Customer"


 2] The #1Absolute In Business (any business)"You Can't Sell To Someone That Doesn't WANT to Listen"


 3] The #1 Purpose Of Marketing (not the only purpose) : Make Qualified Prospects WANT To Listen 


So You're In Business (or want to be) -

Growing your business is THE goal and increased sales, revenue, and profits are the metrics you'll be using to measure your progress.  If you're happy to just kind of stay where you are or just "get by" there won't be much on this website to interest you.  That's because Exselleration is dedicated to teaching you how to crush the competition.

The basis for everything we do at Exselleration is a truth proclaimed by Peter Drucker....... every business owner and entrepreneur must understand.  It's a truth that will determine the health of your business and whether or not you'll ever reach your vision. 

Set goals, make plans, implement systems, invest capital, train your people, manage your client's expectations and deliver what you promise -- Do all of these things and more, but do them with these two basic, critical principles foremost.  Of course, your business will still need to do all of the things that are necessary to deliver your value to your customers.  But, as you do, keep in mind that everyone of those things are costs, necessary costs, but costs none-the-less.

But when you innovate, when you make your business different, unique, better than your that's what will give your business the opportunity to really make money.  Oh, you can get clients and customers to pay for what you sell, but until your company is "PERCIEVED" to be different than your competitors, it'll be hard to get them to pay what its worth. 

If your company isn't any different  than the competition,

it'll be their price that sets yours. 


So make sure your product or service - YOUR COMPANY - is different, better and unique, because then it's you that sets the price, it's you that delivers the real value to the market. 

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