5 Advantages That You Don't Have Now
Why You Should Be Using Direct Marketing
If you've dropped direct marketing from your tactical plan or never tried it, here are five good reason to reconsider.
5 Big Advantages of Direct Marketing

1. Intimacy: With direct-mail marketing, you communicate with your prospect with the intimacy of a personal letter. This creates a stronger bond than you are likely to get with television, radio, or print ads.

2. Qualified Prospects: Direct marketing is targeted. You are mailing to a specific list of people who have already proven themselves responsive to this marketing approach and this type of product. You don't have to guess whether your product will appeal to them. You only have to make sure that your pitch is strong.

3. Testability: One of the biggest advantages of direct-response advertising is that you can test an idea or offer on a small group of targeted prospects. If it works, you can then "roll out" to a larger group and reasonably expect similar results. By the same token, if your test does poorly with a particular type of list, you can be pretty sure that you shouldn't bother mailing that offer to similar lists.

4. Loyal Customers: There is a great likelihood that once a customer has bought from you via direct mail, he will buy from you again. Your "house list" of buyers is usually guaranteed to provide you with good returns for back-end products of the same type and quality -- even if sold at a much higher price.

5. Home-Based Applications: Direct marketing is the perfect home-based business, because your customers don't need physical access to you. Fulfillment houses, data services, and customer-service bureaus are all available to handle those aspects of your operation for you.

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